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   CSA’s guiding principles are:
1/ Member is not to seek self-promotion.
2/ Member will actively seek to promote CSA organization(s) as frequently as they can.
3/ Member will not bring himself into situation where conflict of interest may arise.
4/ Member will not seek compensation for their work.
5/ Member understands that work is voluntary until given/chosen task is accepted; then, corporate
relations, rules, and reporting hierarchy is to be respected.
6/ Member will actively contribute to enlargement of CSA community in any form or shape.
7/ Member understands that CSA is to become the largest platform for all Serbian organizations to distribute information. It will give its members the unique opportunity of having their contact accessible to other organizations/individuals. Should it be needed, consent can be asked for.
8/ During meetings and discussions, member understands the need for efficiency and will respect everyone’s time by preparing for meetings and making points shortly and efficiently.
9/ Member will seek civil and structured approach to discussions and treat other members with utmost respect.
10/ Member will seek opportunities to show to people outside of Serbian community the best values that Serbian history, culture, science, arts, and sports can offer.

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