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   What Does CSA Do? What Is CSA’S GOAL?
CSA coordinates and supports activities and actions of its member organizations in the delivery of their respective objectives
CSA establishes and maintains relations with relevant
institutions and organizations in Serbia, Republika
Srpska, Montenegro, Canada, and Serbian diaspora.
   - Ipsum
CSA advocates for priorities of Serbian community and cherishes its roots.
CSA helps businesses and individuals build connections between Canada and Serbian homelands, grow/develop their activities, and support them in their ventures.
CSA bases its work on both transparency and mutual cooperation.
CSA’s main goal is to affirm Serbian community in Canada and promote the community’s contribution to Canadian society. The contribution will be achieved through science, culture, sports, art, and other areas which help both Canadian and Serbo-Canadian communities and societies to thrive and prosper.
Ultimately, CSA’s goals are:
Unifying the existing Serbian organizations to define and protect common interests;
Becoming a key partner to Serbian community in Canada in order to advocate for its priorities, to address its issues, to participate in all aspects of Canadian society, and to enable better position of Serbian Community in Canada;
CSA runs events and creates opportunities for networking.
CSA promotes contacts and relationships between members with mutual interests.

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