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    What Is CSA? What Does CSA Stand For (CSA’S VALUES)?
Canadian-Serbian-Alliance (CSA), as an independent non- for-profit association established in accordance with Canadian laws and values, consists of:
1/ Other Serbian organizations,
2/ Businesses, and/or
3/ Individuals who represent and protect the interests of the
Serbo-Canadian community in Canada.
Further, as an umbrella organization of Canadians of Serbian heritage, CSA promotes values that are deeply rooted in both Serbian and Canadian cultures. CSA stands for:
1/ Our community,
2/ Meaningful work with sufficient competency and just
3/ Honesty and optimism, and
4/ Peace as a foundation of prosperity.
Our purpose is to protect and affirm interests of Canadians of Serbian descent across Canada and, among
other things, help newcomers from our homelands to establish their new lives by accepting and adapting to
Canadian way of life and values.

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